Mustard Sauce, Piccalilli, & Simple Salad $9
Bavarian Gravy, Tempura Mushrooms, & Minced Parsley $10
Welsh Rarebit, Mustard Sauce, & Piccalilli $10
Spears & Dill Aioli $7
& Chili Ailoi $7
Pimento Cheese, Shaved “Spam”, Pickled Onion, Arugula $10

BOARDS flourish

Cumberland, Banger, & Lamb Sausage. Chef's cheese selection, mustard, piccalilli, and pickle mix. $15
Spam, Salumi Rosa, Coppa, & Sopprasatta or Sausage. Chef's cheese selection, mustard, piccalilli, pickle mix. $15
Everything $22

SALADS flourish

Roasted Baby Beets, House Ricotta, Puffed Farro, Radish, & Torn Herbs $13
Over Easy Egg, Sumac Dressing, Bacon, Bibb lettuce, Baby Kale Mix, Hot $12 Pickled Tomato & Buttered Sourdough Toast $12
Pickled tomato, romaine, parsley, mint, pickled red onion, and ciabatta $13
Lamb kabob, saffron rice, sumac dressed bibb, with spiced fresh yogurt $12
Poached farm egg, warm mustard & speck vinaigrette. Horseradish pecan cheddar $9
Romaine, Parm, Dressing, & Sourdough Croutons $11
ADD Roast Chicken $3
ADD Steak $8

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

PLATES flourish

Stout Malt Vinegar, Tartar Sauce $16
Beef, Lamb, Simple salad on the side $13
Wit Braised Pork Shank, Herb Spatzle, Lemon & House Chile Paste, Brown Butter $18
Seared Beef Belly Banger, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Yukons, Carmellized Onions $14
Tonkotsu Broth, Torn Herbs, Side of House Chili Paste, & Rye Bread $14
Head on Shrimp, Speck, Lemon Juice, Parsley, Butter, Minced Shallots $18
Fresh Herb Papadelle, Leg of Rabbit, Greens, Crispy Baby Artichokes, Roasted Pickled Trumpet Mushrooms, Cane Vinegar, Brown Butter, & Parm on top $26
Turkey Pastrami, Cranberry Jam, LTOP, House Bacon & Mustard Sauce on Sourdough with Thin Fries $12
6 oz Burger Patty, Welsh Rarebit, LTOP & Mustard Sauce on Southern Style Bun with Thin Fries $13


24oz Porterhouse Steak, Mash,Tempura Green Beans & House Steak Sauce For Two $40
For Four $80
Tikka Rubbed Roasted Chicken, Fat Blanched Yukon Wedges, Carrots, Mixed Mushrooms, Maggi Butter, Tonkotsu Broth For Two $24
For Four $48
Beer Brined Long Bone Chops, Butter Roasted, Pan Gravy, Herb Speatzle & Fried Brussells Sprouts For Two $35
For Four $70


Saturday and Sunday | 11am-3pm | $3 BLOODY MARYS AND MIMOSAS
Two Eggs. Tempura Mushroom. Grilled Tomato. White Bean Cassoulet. Tattie Scone. Cumberland Sausage. Bacon. Ham. $15
Yeast Leavened Waffle. Honey Butter. Maple Glaze. Cumberland Sausage. Bacon. Ham. $13
Mustard Hollandaise. Savory Beignet. Cumberland Sausage. Bacon. Ham. $15
Three Eggs. Fresh Ham. Welsh Rarebit. Grilled Tomato. Tattie Scone. Cumberland Sausage. Bacon. Ham. $13
Two Eggs. Banger. Welsh Rarebit. Bacon. Pickled Vegetables. Bibb Lettuce. Thin Fries. $13
Blueberry Cola Compote. Honey Butter. Cumberland Sausage. Bacon. Ham. $12
Two Eggs. 6oz Flat Iron. Grilled Tomato. Tattie Scone. Cassoulet. Tempura Mushroom. $20

DESSERTS flourish

Peanut Brittle $7
Ice Cream $7
Cold Milk $7