Chef and Menu Changes at Independent Bar & Kitchen in Deep Ellum

Curried Poutine Deep Ellum’s Independent Bar & Kitchen announced some fun changes as the fall season approaches. The kitchen is now led by up-and-coming 23 year old, female Chef Gaby Hernandez. Gaby has been with IBK since their opening in April 2016. With a history focused mainly as a pastry chef, Gaby is now entering…

Deep Ellum’s Independent Bar & Kitchen Introduces New Chef, New Menu

A little over a year after opening its doors, The Independent Bar and Kitchen in Deep Ellum has announced that Gaby Hernandez is taking over as the restaurant’s executive chef. When Club Dada and City Tavern owner Josh Florence opened the restaurant back in April of last year, Chef Andrew Dilda was in charge of the kitchen.

Club Dada Owners to Open New Music Venue in Deep Ellum on Wednesday

The new year is rife with beginnings, and after a hard-luck end to 2016 for restaurants around town with many shutting down, Deep Ellum will have a new opening to celebrate this week. The owners of the British-themed eatery Independent Bar and Kitchen – as well as Club Dada, Off…

Keeping Tabs: Independent Bar & Kitchen

Independent Bar & Kitchen, brought to you by the team behind City Tavern and Club Dada, made its Deep Ellum debut in late April. It’s a place of European-inspired comfort cuisine, open-air space, and cocktails perfect for sipping on the patio. Atmosphere: The d├ęcor is rustic and minimalistic, featuring earth-toned floors and ceilings, wooden tables, and exposed brick walls.